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Runner profile: Mount Airy’s Jordan Hiatt

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Jordan Hiatt is a star for Mount Airy High’s girls basketball program. But she’s stellar on the cross country trails as well. Hiatt finished second in this year’s Northwest 1A/2A Conference championships behind teammate Kirsten Parries and placed third in last weekend’s 1A Midwest Region meet.

Hiatt will race for the final time as a Bear on Saturday at the 1A state championships in Kernersville. Hiatt filled out a profile questionnaire at the beginning of this season. Here are her responses:

In a few weeks, Jordan Hiatt will be back on the hardwood for the Granite Bears. On Saturday, Hiatt will run her final high school cross country race, aiming for a top 10 finish in the 1A state championships. File photo by Eric Lusk.

Runner name: Jordan Hiatt
High school: Mount Airy
Year in school: Senior
Years I’ve been on my high school cross country team: 4
My best time over 5K:20:40

Where I was born: Mount Airy
Best sports movie of all time: Double Teamed
My most visited internet bookmarks: Facebook
My top cross country accomplishments so far: All-conference all three years
Favorite runner to watch (at any level): Jodie Lemons
Why I love to run: Gets me in shape for basketball season
What I remember most about my first cross country race: I sprinted the first mile and was in first … I didn’t end up in first
One thing about cross country I wish more people knew: It’s not all about running, we have a lot of fun … the people are great to be around
Other high school sports I play: Basketball
Favorite subject in school and why: Math — I love solving problems
Least favorite subject and why: Science — it doesn’t make sense to me
Someone who inspires me and why they inspire me: Dad — he never gives up on anything he does and he goes above and beyond to make sure things get accomplished
Three things I want to accomplish before leaving high school: 1. Girls XC team to states; 2. Girls bball team to states; 3. All-conference in XC and bball
Favorite place to visit: Florida
Favorite sports teams: Wake Forest
Favorite athlete to watch in a sport other than cross country: Maya Moore, she gives her all, ALL the time
Favorite meal: Spaghetti!
Talent I’d most like to have: To fly, cause that would be awesome
My greatest love: Basketball
What I value most in others: Positive attitude!
I’d love to trade places for a day with … my coach, so I could call practice off
In 10 years, I see myself … teaching mathematics and coaching
In 25 years, I see myself … teaching, coaching and having a family
My motto: “The only person you’re cheating, is you.”

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